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The REWASTEE team held their penultimate (month 24) project meeting on the 2nd and 3rd June. Hosted by BRE, the meeting was held at the BRE Scotland Innovation Park @Ravenscraig, which offered the consortium partners an opportunity to visit a range of sustainable and low carbon construction demonstrator buildings aligned to the principles of the REWASTEE project.

The REWASTEE project continues to proceed at pace with great success and the meeting focussed on agreeing a number of key items aimed at maximising the project impact over its final six months. The next six months will include a number of project landmarks, including the final, pre-commercial, production of REWASTEE and REWASTEE plus at Trimdelson’s manufacturing plant and the installation of REWASTEE product by FCC Construction in a refurbishment project in Spain.

A successful workshop was also facilitated by the team during their time in the UK. A select group of UK industry experts were invited to the workshop which aimed to provide attendees with more information on the REWASTEE products but also to gain industry feedback on the products developed, manufactured and tested via the project, their performance and application as well as key, UK based, considerations all as part of the team’s dissemination and exploitation planning activities.