EURECAT (a member of TECNIO) is the major Technology Centre in Catalonia and the result of the merger on the 1st May 2015 of the Technology centres: Ascamm; Barcelona Media; BDigital and Cetemmsa. It provides unique technology and advanced knowledge to industry in order to solve its needs for innovation and empower competitiveness. By the end of 2015, EURECAT will manage a turnover of 50M€ and more than 700 professionals.


Universitat de Barcelona (UB) was founded in 1450. REWASTEE co-patent holder. Today it boasts of a student body of 84.370 and a research staff of 4,548 members. Degrees are offered in 73 different areas of teaching with numerous postgraduate and doctorate programs as well as continuing education courses. The UB is a co-patent holder of the REWASTEE technology so it will bring to the consortium the key knowledge in regards the chemical, environmental and recycling and production. 


Universitat de Lleida is a REWASTEE co-patent holder Public University that combines its success as a long-standing university with a young and dynamic structure that is committed to high-quality training based on advanced methods. 



Nobatek will bring the consortium its expertise on sustainable construction, by paving the way since the REWASTEE as building materials to market feasible constructive solutions and building components, taking into account key aspects concerning sustainability in building products. 



R2M is a well-recognized private company, with broad experience in bridging the gap between applied research results and its market uptake. As exploitation manager R2M will command the business development and exploitation actions, coordinating all directly related to ensure technology commercialization and market uptake of REWASTEE building products. 



TRIMDELSON, as a production manager, will be the REWASTEE key beneficiary. TRIM will be responsible for both manage EAFD as raw material, but also to produce at commercial scale the REWASTE products, both defining a standardized and replicable industrial methodology and producing the building products defined. 


FCC as an EU-major building company and end user of REWSATEE products has a privileged situation to conduct REWASTEE to a rapid market entry, by tailoring the production of REWASTEE products, according to the needs of a major end user. 



BRE is the EU reference and UK’s leading centre for research and consultancy on construction quality, process and productivity; environmental impact of construction, sustainability and whole-life performance; energy efficiency of buildings; renewable energy in buildings.