REWASTEE recycles Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) – transforming it with a patented process into a usable building product for construction applications. What is unique about REWASTEE is the integration of phase change materials into the recycled material resulting in a product with high thermal inertia.

REWASTEE membranes can be delivered as a simple product or can be part of different constructive solutions. Solutions using the REWASTEE membrane (or complex layers) can be tuned according to user and market needs. The membrane can be used vertically or horizontally and can be packed and delivered in rolls or in sheet layers.

Membrane layers

The REWASTEE membrane is the first product developed in the project and is the base for other products. To facilitate implementation, a REWASTEE membrane with an adhesive surface and thin plastic film (for protection) is proposed.

Roof – Decked Roof

The membrane is placed directly on the roof corrugated steel sheet, in a plane form between thermal insulations. The membrane can be fixed to the metal, or else held in place by the fixing of the insulation material on top.

Walls – Internal Partitions

The REWASTEE membrane is implemented between the metallic frame and the interior plasterboard (or wood panel), on each side of the partition wall. The metallic frame is directly fixed on the floor.

Walls – External Facades

The REWASTEE membrane is implemented between the brick wall and insulation and the metallic frame and the interior plasterboard.

Floors – Intermediate

The REWASTEE membrane is placed between the flooring and a thin acoustic layer. Fixings are dependent on the flooring materials used.